The Prajapati Association of Southern California formed in 1993 with the purpose of bringing together Prajapati families residing in Southern California. The group started off with about a handful of families and now has grown to about 70 families who live in a radius of 150 miles around Los Angeles.

Our mission is to encourage activities which will enhance and preserve the Indian cultural heritage and provide a support group to the younger generation and new families arriving to Southern California. Our membership continues to increase each year and the involvement of our youth is motivating.

Every two years, the general membership elects nine elected officers including a four-member executive committee and five members at large.

Each year, the committee will organize a minimum of four main events. The committee tries to organize programs that will maintain and enhance our Gujarati cultural heritage. The two most popular events are the Bhajan/Garba night and our Annual Banquet/Diwali Show. During the Bhajan portion of the evening, PASC members will start a sing along of their favorite hymnals. Several youth groups also hold a series of practices prior to the event and then lead the group.

The Annual Banquet is always the highlight of each year attended by nearly every member of PASC and many friends. Typically the youngsters put on a dance show. Sometime there will be artistic-style competitions such a sweet making, aarti preparation, or saathya decoration. Other times there will be fun competitions such a sari dressing, chapatti making, gujra filling for men.

Another popular event is our annual picnic. A full day of plentiful foods and Indian games including cricket, coo and cubodee, are planned and everyone seems to enjoy relaxing in the shade.

Other events throughout the year may also be planned as deemed appropriate such as hiking, skiing, camping and Holi celebrations are planned as the committee desires. Overall, with our mild weather we are fortunate enough to plan many outdoor activities.